Pants n' Plants

A clothing store AND a gardening center!

Come get your pants and come get your plants! We here at Pants n' Plants value the quality of both the pants and the plants that we get directly from TBP Industries®. All of our pants are made from 100% naturally artificial products produced in the United States and all of our plants come from 100% GMO products so quality is guaranteed!

Our partners over at TBP Industries® hold very strong values that have lasted generations. We have worked with TBP Industries® on many occasions involving envionmental issues plaguging the manufacturing industries for years and have helped set up the TBP Industries® Distribution Facility™ for easier and faster access to all of your most wanted products!

DISCLOSURE: The only products that are for sale, the T-Shirts that are listed below, are REAL ITEMS. Everything else is satire; take it with a grain of salt.

New Arrivals

These are the real products.

TBP Solutions T-Shirt

TBP Industries Hoodie

Popular Products

Tactical Battle People

Official TBP T-Shirt!

This official T-Shirt boasts 100% Cotton infrastructure with a clean and comfortable fit just for your nude hiding needs.

Tactical Battle People Alternative

White Text Version!

This one is the opposite of the official T-Shirt just in case you feel the need to have white text instead. Change it up!

TBP Industries

Being sharp hurts sometimes!

This T-Shirt boasts the official TBP Industries T-Shirt so you can show it off to all your friends. Feel like you are a part of something greater!

TBP Solutions

Security Solutions at your nearest hub!

Support your favourite contracting firm within the online multiplayer game Elite: Dangerous® with this fine T-Shirt!

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